Are BMW’s Good First Cars For New Drivers?

Are BMW’s Good First Cars

Whether you’re looking to buy your own first car, or you have a teenager that’s getting ready to pass their driving test, you need to know what cars are most suitable for new drivers. Clearly, there are hundreds of options out there from loads of different manufacturers. Amongst these options, you will find a splendid range of BMW vehicles.

Now, most people only view BMW cars as luxury vehicles. However, can they be a good choice for new drivers? Let’s find out!

Are BMW’s good first cars?

We can’t give a concrete yes or no answer as a lot depends on what you’re looking for in a first car. 

Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with a BMW. All the cars in the range are reliable and well-built, they come with the latest technology to keep you safe, and there’s a vast range of used car options for anyone that wants to save money. So, when you take all of these things into account, the answer is a resounding yes, BMW’s are excellent first cars. 

For the sake of fairness, we also need to look at things from another perspective. There are a few potential issues that may stop you from choosing this as your first car. Mainly, this includes:

  • Expensive price tag
  • High running costs
  • Expensive insurance
  • Almost too impressive performance stats

As you can see, three out of the four concerns are all related to money. This is why we say it depends on what you’re looking for in a first car. If money is no issue – and you want to spend a lot on a reliable car that lasts for years – then you shouldn’t care about any of the first three drawbacks. But, we appreciate that lots of people do want a cheap first-car that’s affordable to run. In this instance, maybe a BMW isn’t the best option for you – or you could try and find a cheap used one. 

With the performance stats, we’re mainly talking about engine power. Most BMW cars have powerful engines – particularly when compared to other vehicles in the same categories. Some first-time drivers can be a bit put off by this as they’re worried they won’t be able to handle the extra power. Of course, this all comes down to your own confidence! 

Is a BMW a good first car for a teenager?

Image of teenager

Again, this really does depend on a few factors. All of the previous points still stand, but the last one is perhaps the most significant. Teens typically learn to drive in quite boring and easy-to-handle cars. So, jumping up to a BMW can be a huge step, meaning they genuinely might not be able to handle the engine power.

With that in mind, there’s one key thing we are yet to mention; the different BMW models. 

When you think about BMW, your mind drifts towards some of their most famous cars – like the 3 Series, 5 series, and so on. They mainly manufacturer saloon cars as the target demographic is executives or people with families. In this sense, many of the vehicles in the BMW range are probably not suitable for teenagers who have just passed their driving test. 

On the contrary, there are definitely models that are more suitable than others. In general, three BMW cars are probably the best for teen drivers:

  • 1 Series
  • BMW i3
  • BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid

The 1 Series is a small car range that has slightly toned down performance stats compared to basically the rest of the BMW range. It’s a lot easier to drive due to the smallness of the car, and it fits in the same category as the VW Golf/Polo, Ford Fiesta, and other ‘typical’ first-cars. 

The i3 is quite expensive, but it’s a great option as – again – it’s small and easy to drive. But, the key highlight is that it’s an electric car, which will reduce things like running costs and insurance. 

Similarly, the 225xe is a plug-in hybrid, meaning you get reduced operation costs with this option as well – which is great for teen drivers. Plus, it’s also reasonably sized and comfortable to drive. 

Are BMW’s good cars?

Yes, on the whole, BMW’s are great cars. You’re getting your hands on a car that’s made by one of the most established and trusted brands in the business. BMW has been manufacturing cars for decades, and they’ve shown that they can create various models that last for a long time and don’t tend to have any significant problems.

The beauty of a BMW is that you always get a classy car that combines driving comforts with excellent performance, along with a host of features that keep you safe and satisfied. 

What are the common problems with BMW?

BMW engine issues

Every single car manufacturer will run into a few common problems now and then. Thankfully, the BMW common issues are usually not that significant: 

  • Problems with the remote door locking system not always working, but this is easily fixed at a local auto repair shop
  • Issues with electronics or technology, usually come in the form of warning signs on the center console, despite the fact that nothing seems wrong. Again, taking your car to get some diagnostics run will help to solve this issue. 
  • Tire problems can sometimes occur when the allow gets cracked. The easy solution to this is to follow correct tire maintenance to ensure yours lasts as long as possible. 
  • Oil leaks are also somewhat common, but typically only in cars with over 55,000 miles to their name.

Summary: Are BMW’s good first cars?

In conclusion, a BMW could be a brilliant first car for you. Primarily, it depends on if you can afford to buy one or not. If you can, then make sure you choose one of the more suitable models for new drivers. Don’t go out and buy a supercharged BMW M3 or an i8 as these aren’t suitable first-cars for the average person! Instead, opt for one of the smaller and easier to drive models, like the ones mentioned above. 


I'm Scott, a BMW enthusiast and many time owner of these wonderful machines. I'm here to document my experiences with BMW's over the years and hopefully help people out along the way.

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